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OUR MOTO: Do Good. Geek Out.

We have the best customers in the universe. In addition to being ultra-geeks, our customers are tremendously smart individuals who perceive the world with fresh eyes. As such, our motivation is to do good by our customers and, in turn, by everyone. We have had celebrities, entrepreneurs and world-class performers buying and using our products – by making each purchase a special experience, we empower not only YOU, our prised customer, but everyone that’s around you. Whether it’s to proudly show your love for Star Wars with a necklace or a small decoration that you put on your shelf – we are here to geek out. And do good.

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Unapologetically nerdy, we are. Before making a blueprint for any product, we spend days and weeks rewatching movies, re-reading comic books and working with original story authors to ensure accuracy. Apart from watching all Star Wars movies in two days (oops) and eating all the popcorn available in stores nearby, we continuously ensure that the products you purchase are accurate depictions of your favourite stories. We have research the width of the Millennium Falcon and measured the length of the Hammer of Thor’s handle, the sweet geek friend! Thus each product that you buy will be of impeccable accuracy and precision!

After the story and characteristics are nailed down, we dive deep into the design process! It involves sourcing highest quality materials most suitable for the item (did you know that artificial eyes in figurines are made from acrylic plastic?) as well as ensuring that the materials look and feel true to character. Our design team fits all pieces together and creates truly remarkable items that every geek is proud to wear, display or use. For more complex items this part of the process can take months to ensure that nothing is amiss! For this reason we stand proudly behind each product we make and so do our beloved customers!

The extensive research, production and distribution process makes us not only very proud of the products we make, but also enables us to offer free and unlimited refunds and returns if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase. This happens very rarely due to strict quality control, however, if you are not fully satisfied with the items, we will refund the whole amount and might even send a free gift! Customer feedback is also incorporated into our production process thus the final product almost always exceeds expectations.


Culture Driven

Our selective hiring & recruiting process ensures that we work only with the most skilled professionals in their area of expertise. Whether it’s design, customer service or physical product delivery, we ensure that each employee is fully onboarded and matches our corporate culture. We work hard to deliver exclusive value to our customers whilst at the same time maintaining a unique, geeky and playful corporate culture. We hold a lot of movie and gaming nights for our staff and their families!


Brief history

Barely Geek was formed in 2016 after a group of science fiction and comic book enthusiasts decided to open a store selling geeky accessories to dedicated fans. We have grown a lot since then! A big part of our success was putting customer above everyone. We always offerred free returns & exchanges and guaranteed delivery. We also took into account each individual piece of feedback left to us and analysed how we can improve from it. The results speak for themselves – we have over 25,000 positive reviews and had many, many happy customers. We are just excited about serving you now as we were a few years ago!

Future focused

The team at Barely Geek are working hard to stay on top of the latest development in comic books and science fiction genre. We have dedicated team members, who are looking at the latest movies to be released and designing accessories to suit even the most needy of fans. As such, we are able to stay up to date with newest releases and we are able to offer products for which there is no competition!

You are the hero!

The underlying message of everything we do is clear: you are the superhero of your and someone elses life and thus you deserve the greatest geeky accessories of all time. We want to be Robin to your Batman. Join us on this incredible geeky journey and we promise you to bring a little bit more happiness into your life!